The Alternative 2020 Oscar Nominations

Ah, awards season. You know, those three weeks where you grumble about that film getting nominated when that one was blatantly so much better and these things are all a fix and why do they even bother? Yeah, that awards season. Well, last year, we shared our alternative Oscar nominations (in all the categories we feel well-versed enough in to comment), and hey, it wouldn’t be Academy Awards-bait without sharing our favourite overlooked gems from the previous year. To the nominations!

Best Picture

Motherless Brooklyn

Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory)

Knives Out

The Sisters Brothers


Winner: This was a hotly debated category (between all two of us), but we both have to admit that Motherless Brooklyn is just a piece of lush cinematic gorgeousness, an ode to the noir genre and the medium at large, and also a one-man Edward Norton hype machine. What’s not to love?


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