Movies We Can’t Wait For in 2019

New year, new us, new movies – let’s get straight to it and talk about what matters, huh? We’re taking a look at the movies that we’re looking forward to over the coming year, and we’d love to now what you’re hyped for, too. To the list!

Artemis Fowl

I strongly considered naming this article “Movies to Live For in 2019”, and it’s all because of the fact that the damn Artemis Fowl adaptation is hitting our screens in 2019. At last. As I wrote in my review of the trailer last year, the Artemis Fowl series is one of my favourite things in existence, and I am just beyond hyped to finally see it hit the big screen. With Kenneth Brannagh at the helm and a solid cast already in place, I hope that it’ll turn out to actually be a decent – but I know that I’ll love it even if it doesn’t.

IT Part Two

After the brilliance of the first film (number two in my movies of the year list, soft plug), 2019’S most hyped horror film that isn’t directed by Jordan Peele is for sure the second part of this horror two-hander. Spot-on casting for pretty much every character (especially James MacAvoy and Bill Hader) as well as the opportunity to see how the movie handles the weirder aspects of the book – something the first film only touched – makes this film all the trickier to pull off, but all the better if they actually manage it.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Yes, sure, this was out in America alright, but we movie-goers on this side of the pond are only getting to it this year. And honestly, I could give you a lot of talk here about all the amazing critical responses this film has earned – but the truth is, we want to see everything that Barry Jenkins ever puts out more than we want to get up in the morning.

Captain Marvel

Look, I don’t like having to put a superhero movie on this list anymore than you like to read about it, but come on. Those delicious old-lady-punching trailers! Re-youngified Samuel L Jackson! Brie Larson! Thinly-veiled gay coding! I’m just so agonisingly here for this, like it or not, because it’s leaning a hundred damn percent into providing us with the solo movie feminist Marvel icon we’ve been waiting for all since Avengers Assemble.

Star Wars: Episode Nine

Perhaps an even bigger task than pulling off It Part Two is following up the most polarizing film of the last decade, The Last Jedi. The most interesting thing about the film is whether it will stick with Rian Johnson’s choices, or if JJ Abrams back in the director’s chair will swerve things back in his own specific direction. Either way, it’s going to be at the very least interesting, and at the most a chance for JJ Abrams to bring one of his stories full circle at last.


After the staggering success, both critical and commercial, of Jordan Peele’s debut feature Get Out, I was always going to be interested in what he did next. But throw it Lupita Nyong’o, Elizabeth Moss, and a high-concept sci-fi-horror premise, and you can colour me all the way to intrigued. The first trailer looked truly fantastic, and it’s going to be fascinating to see what Peele chooses to follow up his genre-bending debut with – and whether it can match Get Out and its wild success. Who are we kidding, Winston Duke is in this, it’s going to be amazing.

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(header image via Stephen King Cast)


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