The Marketing Department: Avengers: Endgame Trailer

One of the defining films of this year, without a doubt, was Avengers: Infinity War (check out our review of it here, and our Marvel Cinematic Universe retrospective piece on it here). A hugely ambitious crossover, Marvel somehow pulled off one of the most truly innovative blockbusters in recent memory – well, since The Last Jedi, at least. Now, they’ve got to follow it up. And they’re doing just that, with the first trailer for the sequel, Avengers: Endgame, dropping this afternoon. Let’s have a poke, shall we?

0:14: We’re doing SAD, WASHED-OUT, EDGY colours this time around, folks, buckle in for a SERIOUS ride!

0:24: Snark (Stark?) aside, that shot is stunningly beautiful. With the story and the conflicts and the character interactions set up in the first movie, I’m looking forward to the artistry this one will be able to explore.

0:38: Honestly, if this movie is just Tony Stark wafting existentially through space, slowly dying, I’ll go see it twice at the cinema. I promise you that.

0:59: Bold as fuck having the logo float away in a pile of Thanos-dust like half the cast did at the end of the last movie. Just re-traumatise us, why don’t you?

1:08: I think that this is going to be a really interesting movie for Thanos, since it’s really charting territory the MCU hasn’t explored in great depth before – what happens to the big bad once he gets what he wants? His empty suit seems to hint at something lost, left behind, and I’m very much into that, especially given the excellent performance Josh Brolin put in for Infinity War.

1:14: Chris Evans with a single tear rolling down his cheek for Bucky is the shot that launched a thousand angsty fanfics, and I, for one, can’t wait to read them.

1:19: Don’t make me think about Ant-Man and the fucking Wasp, I’m begging you. Can that movie dust out of existence? Can we do that?

1:34: Jeremy Renner is still in these films, I suppose. I hope they actually give us something juicy for him this time around, because he is a great actor and deserves more than four nonconsecutive frames per movie.

1:40: Remember when Captain America made out with his love interest’s great-niece because the movie needed a love interest? Me neither. Moving on.

1:46: Man, am I looking forward to seeing what Chris Evans brings to this performance. He’s always felt like the juiciest MCU lead to me, and, as a character who’s consistently been dealing with loss and grief, there’s a lot for Endgame to explore with him in the aftermath of Infinity War. See also: Scarlett Johanssen.

2:21: And we’re ending on a sting (heh) of Scott Lang, which was more entertaining than the entirety of his last movie. Well, we can but hope that he’s going to get a better run this time around, huh?

Overall, this is a trailer for a movie that most people were already sold on seeing anyway – all it has to promise us is a decent conclusion to the excellent story it’s already started. And honestly, it delivers. Even as a self-professed Fucking Over It superhero movie viewer, I’m looking forward to seeing what Endgame does with the Thanos storyline. What about you? Did you like the trailer? How do you think Endgame will match up to Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below!

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(header image via Slash Film)


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