The Marketing Department: Tomb Raider Trailer

The Marketing Department is back! And this time, we’re taking a look at something a little different to the Avengers – this week, we’re hitting up the newest Lara Croft trailer, starring Alicia Vikander, out March 16 this year.

0:06: Honestly, Alicia Vikander and Dominic West? If you’d put that cast forward to me I would honestly have assumed the movie was some kind of Oscarbaity high-art drama, not a bloody Tomb Raider adaptation.

0:10: Addendum to the above: Kristin Scott Thomas, too. Is this the best cast ever assembled for a video game movie? Is that a fair metric to judge this cast by?

0:25: “That’s right in the middle of the Devil’s Sea”. Ah, I get it now, this is a tie-in for the Devil’s Sea tourist board, isn’t it? Damn avertorials.

0:33: “Death is not an adventure” sounds like the tagline to a gloomy post-modern anime that I would never stop watching. So, points, I guess?

0:47: I’m judging by the croaky tone of his voice that the preposterously named Walter Goggins is the villain? It feels wrong somehow, get back to me on this.

1:02: Oh, slowed-down version of a pop song! A modern trailer classic. Also, I think Alicia Vikander looks pretty badass in all the action-y stuff we’ve seen her in so far, so that’s a major plus point.

1:13: This is looking more and more like the adaptation of Uncharted that I’ve been waiting for, except with a female lead and Dominic West which is basically better than I ever could have dreamed.

1:21: It’s because he reminds me of Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead with that facial hair. That’s why I don’t buy the whole Goggins thing. That’s it. Anyway, moving on.

1:37: In all fairness to me that crashed-plane-dangling-off-the-edge-of-a-waterfall thing is DIRECTLY lifted from the start of one of the Uncharted games. I’m not imagining the similarities here.

1:44: “OPEN THE TOMB” is an order that’s only ever followed by good news, if my experience with action-adventure movies is anything to go by.

1:51: I still can’t BELIEVE that an Oscar-winning actress is going to be playing Lara Croft. I’m up for it, don’t get me wrong, but the notion of it is still oddly dissonant.

2:01: This song is an egregiously awful choice, to be fair. Like, whoever made this decision should be canned immediately

2:09: Ugh, the Americanised dialogue coming out of a British accent makes me cringe. Other than that, though, this looks like passable fun and may actually strike out into the shocking new territory of being a good video game movie. Overall, I give it a midweek afternoon viewing on a scale of prebook to boycott.

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