The Marketing Department: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Welcome to our new feature, The Marketing Department, where we take a look at all things meant to get us hyped for upcoming releases! It seems like we here at No But Listen haven’t been able to get out from under superhero movies the last couple of weeks – first Thor, then Justice League, and now the first trailer for Marvel’s franchise-clashing team-up, Infinity War. Without further ado!

0:07: I cannot believe that it’s the Year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen and Robert Downey Jnr is still playing Iron Man. I refuse to accept it.

0:10: Man, I know I’m on my lonesome here, but I think Mark Ruffalo (an exceptionally talented actor in literally everything else I’ve ever seen him in) is just atrocious as the Hulk/Bruce Banner. This odd shot of him looking as though he’s just heard that RDJ is still playing Iron Man in 2017 isn’t helping.

0:12: That Dr Strange outfit is hilarious and always will be. I was pretty up for Benedict when he turned up in Thor: Ragnarok, so I’m hoping a similarly slim role in Infinity War will keep him bearable.

0:18: Man, I wonder what it would be like to have a love story that didn’t revolve around a man at least a decade older than his lady love. But that’s ridiculous and never happens in real life, as Infinity War seems set to reflect so accurately! Another win for the MCU.

0:27: BLONDE SCARJO!?!?! Somehow this seems wrong, even though she’s blonde in most of the movies I’ve seen her in.

0:28: I like the way they’re tying the various characters and franchises together with the voiceover here; Inifnity War is almost destined to be kind of a clusterfuck thanks to the dozens of characters they’re trying to bring together, but this trailer is at least reasonably cohesive for now.

0:39: There are pulls from the script in this ident and I…don’t know if I like it? It’s an interestingly meta idea, but I’m not sure Marvel is equipped to really lean into the meta.

0:53: Spidey senses! That’s an interesting addition compared to his solo movie earlier this year. I really loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker, one of the most perennially uninteresting heroes of the MCU (yes, okay, just in my opinion), and I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to seeing Spiderman in this film

1:07: You know, every time I see Loki, I have this little chuckle to myself when I remember that Tom Hiddleston seemed to actually be pursuing a legitimate dramatic career for a while. Back to giant capes, great hair, and greasy quips where you belong, Tom!

1:11: That CGI is…bad. Right? He looks like he belongs in a cutscene from a video game from ten to twelve years ago. Not to mention the fact that in Age of Ultron they at least had James Spader’s inimitably silky tones to voice their villain, whereas Josh Brolin is substantially more generic and bleh.

1:25: Every time I see or hear Chadwick Boseman in this trailer I just remember how HYPED I am for the Black Panther movie. Can I have another trailer for that already, please?

1:26: It’s the new Captain America action figure, now with depression beard!

1:46: A fight scene montage for all you fetishists out there. I am fully expecting the entire third act of this movie to descend into an absoloutely incomprehensible CGI clusterfuck as it tries to give each of it’s leading characters a decent action moment, but cut together nice and quick and contextless like this, they look fine.

1:53: Your friendly reminder that Sebastian Stan can’t act and you were all just distracted by how hot he was in Winter Soldier. All of you.

2:11: Yeah, that ident is pretty great – the music’s fantastic and the trailer comes to a close on a reminder that Danai Gurira is going to be in this movie, so.

2:20: Oh, yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy is a thing too. Good?

Overall, I give this trailer a “surprisingly good” on a scale of Justice League to Logan. What did you think? Will you be seeing Infinity War?

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