Welcome to No But Listen

Hello and welcome to No But Listen!

We’re Kevin Boyle and Louise MacGregor, a pair of Scottish freelance pop culture writers with a serious passion for movies. After several years working on individual projects, we decided it was time we joined forces and launched a movie site of our own, where we could share our endless arguments and opinions over everything cinematic with a wider audience. We’ll be writing movie reviews, in-depth analysis, list articles, as well as debate pieces where we fight it out over a contentious topic. We’ve kicked things off with a review of the excellent horror movie The Ritual, the most in-depth analysis of IT that you never knew you needed, a look at the unreality of The Death of Stalin, and, of course, an argument over Ryan Gosling.

We really hope you’ll stick around with us for a while; please feel free to subscribe to receive updates every time we share a new post, and if you’d like to support more content on the site month-by-month basis, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

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