The Best Short Horror Films To Watch Right Now

You know, not all of us have time to indulge in a full couple of hours of movie-watching to get the true horror experience. Much as we here at No But Listen are strong advocates for taking at least six hours a week to dedicate to unrelenting white-knuckling, but we appreciate that some of you need a quicker horror hit. So! On this fine Friday, join me for a few ten-minutes-or-less mini-movies to hit that horror spot.

  1. Coyote

I can honestly say that I’ve been thinking about Coyote since I first watched it a few months ago, and basically wrote this article so I could tell you about it. Following a coyote after their family is killed by wolves, driven mad by their guilt and eventually by their revenge, it’s a wordless, stunningly-animated, trippy and deeply disturbing tumble into the psyche of a creature tormented by grief and guilt. It looks fantastic, the story is inventive and superbly conceived, and it’s one of the most genuinely disturbing pieces of filmmaking I’ve seen all year.

2. The Night of the Slasher

Okay, I admit it: I’m a sucker for meta-horror, and Night of the Slasher is exactly that. A teen girl taunts a wannabe-slasher villain with all the bad behaviour that’s meant to bring him a-slashing upon her, and it’s just as fun, silly, inventive and fond of the genre as it sounds. It’s full of fun details for classic horror fans – the Spock mask instead of the Captain Kirk one, anyone? – and it’s going to send you off down a classic slasher rabbithole for the rest of the day as you try to place all the references.

3. U is for Unearthed

Is it cheating to use something from a compilation in this list? Shit, I’m doing it anyway. I make no secret of how much I love The ABCs of Death, and there are some excellent standouts over the course of both movies. But Ben Wheatley’s brilliant U is for Unearthed is one that always makes me smile – told from the point of view of a vampire being dug up, de-fanged, and staked by a hoard of marauding villagers, it’s inventive, visceral, and features Wheatley’s small-town British oddness to really make the atmosphere land.

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By Louise MacGregor

(header image via Stash Media)

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