Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Analysis

It’s the middle of the night, a new Wonder Woman trailer just dropped, and I want to talk to you about it, because it’s set in the eighties and surely, surely, will feature my darling Oingo Boingo somewhere in the soundtrack. Let’s take this on, shall we?

0:07: I just watched Gladiator for the first time, and now I’m being blessed with the sapphic version of it, too? Truly, a gift I am not worthy of.

0:21: I’m not trying to dunk on this movie in particular or anything, but this specific brand of CGI, the kind that has dominated blockbuster cinema and especially superhero movies of the last decade, is just starting to look so dated to me. The edge-of-real-but-not-quite-really shit seems kind of bland ten years out from Avatar, you know?

0:37: Kristen Wiig is a great actress, and the people stropping about her involvement in this movie don’t know they’re born. No notes.

0:49: Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are one of the only actual leading romances across any major superhero franchise who have decent chemistry and actual warmth between them, and I’m excited to see them together again.

1:00: Honestly, I’m going to play this Kriten Wiig line on a loop the next time I go for a fun, and I am going to do five kilometers in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. On another note, pretty much every sequel has to deal with the reality (ish) of “what does a world with this hero in it mean to the rest of the people sharing it?”, and I’m interested to see what WW does with that dynamic, especially with a character as inherently silly as Cheetah.

1:19: After the CGI clusterfuck of Aries as the climactic villain of the last Wonder Woman movie, I’m looking forward to something a little more direct and human – not least because Kristen Wiig is the only calling the shots. David Thewlis could only do so much through his silly hat and lightning animations, you know?

1:33: Everything that seems vaguely Earth-bound looks great; everything that involves Gal Gadot frolicking in front of a green screen, not so much.

1:47: Pedro Pascal is a wonderful actor, and this is a fabulously juicy role for him – long live the sleazy superhero politicians played by prestige stars.

1:58: The Animoprhs REALNESS that this trailer is serving me. I hate the way Feline Wiig looks, but at least the soundtrack is still great, and I will get to laugh at this out loud through a mouthful of popcorn in the cinema (if they ever open again).

2:21: Alright, they pulled me back with a makeover sequence involving Chris Pine. I’m in, like it or not. And so are most of the furry side of the internet.

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By Louise MacGregor

(header image via Film)

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