Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer Analysis

Despite the fact that Keanu Reeves’ acting peak came in one scene of John Wick, the guy can get anything made right now.

John Wick is on to its fourth installment, the bloody Matrix is coming back, and now the long-delayed trilogy capper to the Bill and Ted franchise has a trailer. What’s next? Jonathan Harker getting a The Trip-style road trip movie? If he pitched that, studios would be eating each other to find a place in the schedule. And I would be watching theĀ hellĀ out of it.

I’ll be honest: Bill and Ted are my favorite cinematic idiots. They are the perfect leads for complex time and space adventures with incredibly low stakes. Does that mean we need another movie? I suppose, for symmetry’s sake, a trilogy is better than a double feature. Yet the problem is that, apart from a fleeting glance of the brilliant Samara Weaving and Bridgette Lundy-Paine, and the remix of a plot, I can’t help but feel my nostalgia hackles go up.

It’s great to see these two lovable morons onscreen again, and it’s great to see Keanu Reeves back to his best non-action role, but I’m worried that it’s all going to be fanservice with no real value (though the marketing department may have missed a trick here. Instead of this teaser I would have had the entire cast singing Imagine really badly to save the world).

Still, the trailer is fun and if any movie can prove me wrong it’s this one. That’s what William “Bill” S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan do: they look at a seemingly impossible problem and make it simple. Maybe that’s what we need right now. The superheros are out of commission, so why not have Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves recapturing past glories? This franchise make a habit of taking ridiculous material and making it work.


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By Kevin Boyle

Featured Image: Collider

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