Candyman Trailer Analysis

So, if you’re new around here: bad luck! All we like to talk about is horror, pretty much, and that means that we’re not going to miss out on the chance to spend a little time jumping into an analysis for the first trailer of the new Candyman movie. Directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele, it’s promised a spiritual sequel to the iconic 1992 horror classic, and frankly, as long as Tony Todd is back to pick up where he left off, I’m here for it. Let’s get to the trailer!

0:17: With Jordan Peele working on the script for this sequel with DaCosta, I’m expecting plenty of his arch horror wit in this version of the story – and I think it’ll work perfectly with the nightmarish social commentary that these movies contain. Also, more horror needs to embrace the inherent silliness at its heart – hell, Tony Todd’s other franchise knows that, and I hope that this one will, too.

0:24: Okay, so I totally love that this trailer is already hinting to the lore that says that Candyman isn’t summoned by his name, but rather by people’s disbelief in him – his arrival only after one of these girls shrugs and goes to walk off is just perfect, and the horror movie geek in me is Satisfied.

0:39: Lakeith Stanfield was originally in talks for this movie, and, trust me, after Sorry to Bother You, I’d watch him feed my own arm to dogs, but I think Yahya Abdul-Mateen III is a great replacement. He’s got an easy warmth to him that the recent Watchmen adaptation proved he can easily grow into something with a little more bite, and I’m sure this character will make for an excellent chance to cement his place in pop culture.

0:49: Of all the horror movies that have somehow earned themselves remakes, Candyman is one of the few that actually feels as though it might have an actual point. Cabrini Green, the iconic location of the original movies, being turned into some gentrified centrepiece for an artistic endeavour is a really neat place to start this movie from, and promises more than just the same film with better gore effects than the last time around.

0:54: Colman Domingo! Ie, a sentient fly from the most brutal episode of TV ever made. Always a pleasure!

1:10:  Nathan Stewart-Jarett! He of the wonderful face and actual sustained career beyond his starting point in Misfits. He and Robert Sheehan must be sharing tips.

1:18: Call me paranoid, but I’m with this woman. Don’t say that, dumbasses! Don’t! Say! It!

1:19: Tony? Are that you? Mr Todd? I’m a huge fan of your work! Particularly that bit in Final Destination where you pull a nipple ring out of a corpse! Mr Todd-

1:34: Nia DaCosta has proved with Top Boy that she has style to burn, and this montage – those odd angles, unnatural lights, misshapen movements – just feels perfect for what she’s trying to achieve here. I love it already.

1:56: Tony Todd was gracious enough to say that he didn’t mind this franchise going on without him, but, honestly, his iconic role and iconic place in the horror genre – which hasn’t exactly been kind to black men in terms of longevity – makes him a must-have for this sequel. Also, that voice! That gorgeous, gorgeous voice!

2:10: In an era of increasingly high-concept horror nonsense, the thought of someone with just a big, rusty hook is sometimes enough, you know? Just saying.

Overall, really – I knew before this trailer came out that I was outrageously eager to see this movie, but this promising snippet is more than enough to get my appetite whetted for something sweet. Are you looking forward to this remake, or is it just another in a long line of pointless reboots? Let us know in the comments below!

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By Louise MacGregor

(header image via TV and Movie News)

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